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Yorba Linda: Santa Ana River Trail - 44 miles / 500' 🚨 = PUT Recommended

  • Yorba Regional Park 7600 East La Palma Avenue Anaheim, CA, 92807 United States (map)

Parking Lot B - $5 Fee at Park Entrance Gate

“Recommended for FRCC Members in the UNITY TOUR” 🚨

A Southern California Cycling Icon: the “Santa Ana River Trail” (SART) has been popular for cyclists since the 70’s!! It even been called the “Bicycle Freeway” by the media. Come out and join us on this wonderful and fun Member* ride! No Traffic, No Lights or Stop Signs, No Worries!! (you cannot possibly get lost!!) FUN!!

Note: this is a FANTASTIC ride for newer riders!! (& if you are “allergic to climbing” this one’s for YOU!) 😉 (This ride is currently conducted on the “1st Sunday” of every month (be sure to view this website for any updates).

*Non-Members are WELCOME to come out for a "test" ride.

Note: Due to the wide-range of fitness and ability levels among cyclists, you should load the course onto your GPS device in case you become separated from the group (ahead OR behind!)

Ride Duration Time is Estimated

All Riders must be self-sufficient (nutrition, hydration, tools, tubes, etc.)

The FRCC rides in a safe and predictable manner.

All Riders Shall:
- wear helmets with proper fit & adjustment.
- follow all laws specific to the areas in which we ride.
- stop and wait at traffic lights & stop signs.
- yield to pedestrians.
- scan for obstacles/risks, warning those behind by visual/verbal cues.
- when turning right, take a position behind vehicles turning right.
- when going straight, line up left (clear) of the right turn lane
- when turning left, each rider is responsible for scanning and the last rider scans and signals the merge left.
- when safe, allow vehicles to pass.
- ensure that riders with physical or equipment issues are safe.

Riders shall also conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner, specifically:
. refrain from the usage of inappropriate or vulgar language;
. treat others with courtesy and respect--including vehicle operators;
. maintain ride Safety as the #1 priority;
. maintain their bicycles and equipment in proper working order
. do their best effort to enhance the image of cycling and cyclists.