FRCC Members may join the FRCC STRAVA Club and enjoy its many features.  See what Members rode today and their route!  Compare Club Member's results & standings!  Participate in the FRCC / STRAVA Challenges & be Entered to WIN Prizes!*  And, of course, give "Kudos" to fellow Club Members for their excellent efforts!  It's motivational, beneficial, and FUN! (& you just might earn a TROPHY 🏆!).

*Random Drawing from pool of Challenge Finishers

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What's Strava?

Strava is an online free service with a membership option. It's a community of athletes and allows athletes all over the world to experience "social fitness"—sharing, comparing and competing with each other’s personal fitness data via mobile and online apps. Currently focused on the needs of avid cyclists and runners, Strava lets you track your rides, runs, and other activities via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device--for free--to analyze and quantify your performance.

Strava gives you the ability to search their database for routes and athletes and more. One of the marquee features of Strava is that the site software provides a ranking of times on specific routes, including top male & female performances. There is ability to comment on, and give accolades on, performances.

Sign Up with Strava:

  1. Go to the Strava website.

  2. Click on “sign up for free”.

  3. Input first name, last name, email address and password and it will create an account. You can also login with your Facebook account.

  4. On the right column there will be a section for ‘Clubs on Strava’. Click on this link and in the club name box enter Responder and select Cycling for the sport. Hit the search button and First Responder will appear as an option. Select “join”.

Once you’ve joined you can upload your devices directly to Strava or Strava can pull it in from Garmin Connect. You can upload both cycling and run data; there is an option to specify the sport.