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The  First Responder Cycling Club is Open to Anyone who shares in our belief that "Fitness Saves Lives".  All ability levels are WELCOME!

We promote bicycling as a healthy & fun lifetime activity. We also encourage Public Safety Personnel, their Families, Friends, and Supporters to become involved in our beloved sport.

We educate, motivate, and assist our Members by conducting cycling events, instructional seminars and meetings, and facilitate Member activities.  We want to help our Members adopt and maintain a Healthy and Fit lifestyle--in which cycling plays an important role!  We believe that our efforts help reduce stress, enrich our Member's lives, and form healthy habits! Oh yeah—we also have a lot of FUN!

We believe that cycling is an activity which is achievable by most people.  We wish to demonstrate to the community-at-large that cycling is an excellent alternative to negative behaviors and habits.  We also promote the usage of bicycles as a viable alternative, in many cases, to motorized transportation. 

                                                            Our motto “FITNESS SAVES LIVES”™.