The FRCC rides in a safe and predictable manner.  All Riders Shall:

    • Wear helmets with proper fit & adjustment.
    • Follow all laws specific to the areas in which we ride.
    • Stop and wait at traffic lights & stop signs.
    • Yield to pedestrians.
    • Scan for obstacles/risks, warning those behind by visual/verbal cues.
    • When turning right, take a position behind vehicles turning right.
    • When going straight, line up left (clear) of the right turn lane
    • When turning left, each rider is responsible for scanning and the last rider scans and signals the merge left.
    • When safe, allow vehicles to pass.
    • Ensure that riders with physical or equipment issues are safe.
    • Conduct themselves in a reasonable and proper manner, specifically:
      • refrain from the usage of inappropriate or vulgar language;
      • treat others with courtesy and respect--including vehicle operators;
      • maintain ride Safety as the #1 priority;
    • Maintain their bicycles and equipment in proper working order
    • Do their best effort to enhance the image of cycling and cyclists.

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