Mileage Awards Program Information


Ride Your Bike!

Submit Mileage form EACH TIME you Complete 1,000 miles

Smile & Be Happy--You are Doing GREAT!

Program Rules:

Mileage levels configured at 1,000 mile intervals up to 5,000+ miles;

Mileage is accumulated during current Calendar Year;

Members must apply for each level via the FRCC website (every 1,000 miles);

Members should submit mileage verification via a link to an activity tracking application that uses GPS (Strava, Garmin Connect, Ride with GPS, etc.). Example: on Strava this would be one’s “Profile” link (URL). “Scouts Honor” is acceptable for Members who don’t use GPS but keep written or other records;

Participation is limited to FRCC Members and whose Membership was valid on/before September 1st of the current year;

Members will be listed promptly on the FRCC “Wall of Fame” for each level achieved;

FRCC will periodically “announce” Member’s achievements;

Awards will be presented after review of yearly results;

Members will receive ONE award based upon their year’s total mileage;

Awards have NO Cash Value and there are No Exchanges;

Type of Award is at the sole discretion of FRCC/LECA;

Program may be modified or cancelled at anytime due to Budgetary constraints or as deemed necessary by Club Officers.


1,000 miles - “Competitor” - Listing on FRCC Website

2,000 miles - “Bronze” - Listing on FRCC Website, + Award*

3,000 miles - “Silver” - Listing on FRCC Website, + Award*

4,000 miles - “Gold” - Listing on FRCC Website, + Award*

5,000+ miles - “Diamond” - Listing on FRCC Website, + Award*

*Award presented for Member’s “highest level achieved” at year’s end, one award per Member