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The FRCC is a private club OPEN TO ALL who share our belief that "FITNESS SAVES LIVES".  

We also actively promote the many benefits of the cycling lifestyle to the following persons:

  1. Public Safety personnel, Active or Retired,  employee or volunteer, as listed below:

    1. Law Enforcement

    2. Fire & Rescue (including Lifeguard)

    3. Medic / Paramedic

    4. EMT

    5. Homeland Security

  2. Support Staff of Above

  3. Family Members of Above

  4. Friends of Above (referrals)


Ride with Pride!  The pride of your involvement in our Association which is dedicated to good causes and which has a long-history of success.   The pride of showcasing a healthy lifestyle via your passion for cycling.  The pride of being part of the First Responder “family”!

When you join the FRCC you may:

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of riding for a good cause

  • Purchase custom clothing and other custom items

  • Receive discounts on our sponsored products

  • Receive a tax deduction on your dues & donations

  • Ride in our organized rides

  • Have fun in our social non-riding events

  • Make new friends, share experiences, create lasting relationships

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Join Now - Online Application