The First Responder Cycling Club, (FRCC) established 2016, is part of the Law Enforcement Cycling Association (LECA) which began in 1985 as a recreational cycling club for Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs.  From 1985-1997 LECA grew into National prominence through its elite racing teams (Chevrolet - L.A. Sheriff - #1 Professional Team in the U.S. 1994-96),  its educational programs (Tour de Schools™), and its international enthusiast club.  LECA is proud that numerous Olympic Medal recipients, National Champions, and cycling record holders have been members during its 30+ years. 

Greg “Sarge” Christopherson, President of the FRCC / LECA and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant (retired) states: “The Public Safety Community--our First Responders--have a difficult and often dangerous duty.  In most situations they roll-in while others run-away!  The stresses upon them, their families, and their supporters are tremendous.  The FRCC hopes to create an environment that provides stress-reduction, encourages healthy habits, and increases community support for those who protect us. We offer membership to anyone who shares our belief that "FITNESS SAVES LIVES" and who wishes to demonstrate their support.  After all, nearly everyone can ride a bike--and cycling can be a lifesaver!”